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About Printing on Aluminum

roseAluminum is a relatively new medium for printing and preserving photographic prints. We opt to print on aluminum for a variety of reasons.

  • The prints display a vividness, clarity and depth unattained by photographs printed on paper. The images literally seem to "pop" from the surface as if they were liquid metal. Our print house, White House Custom Color (WHCC) partners with 'ChromaLuxe', the world's leading manufacturer of high definition dye infused metal panels, to produce the highest quality product on the market. For more details about the printing process, check out the ChromaLuxe Printing Process.
  • Archival durability and stability. Xenon light stability tests show that metal prints have 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver-based photo papers. During the printing process, a UV resistant coating is also bonded to the surface that accepts the inks, adding to the longevity of these prints. White House Custom Color states that if kept in a neutral environment (average temps, no moisture, no direct sunlight) then the print should hold up for at least 100 years, and likely even longer. Doestrees in fog this mean that you need to treat these prints with kid gloves to ensure their durability? Absolutely not!
  • Waterproofness and scratch resistance. The printing process involves infusing dyes into the metal, rather than applying them to the surface. As a result, metal prints can withstand the elements and take more abuse than photos printed on paper. Check out this video of the durability of these prints.
  • Metal prints require no frame, matting or glass surface. Several mounting options exist. The mounts that we utilize allow prints to be mounted on a wall surface like a framed print. The print appears to hover away from the wall, adding to the 3-D effect.
  • Metal prints are easy to clean. WHCC recommends cleaning the surface with a microfiber cloth, and water if necessary. Other print companies utilizing the ChromaLuxe system state that cleaning with window cleaner is also fine. Have you watched the video (link posted above) demonstrating the durability of these prints? It's pretty cool!