konica hexanon ar 24mm f2.8  Tartarian Cherry Tree - Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR konica hexanon ar zoom 35-70mm  Begonia watercolor vivitar 19mm f3.8 (3)  Douglas-fir and Vine Maple, Spencer Butte, OR minolta mc rokkor 16mm f2.8  B & W rose, Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR
minolta mc rokkor-pf 58mm f1.4  Tree reflection, Eugene wetlands minolta md tele rokkor-x 135mm f3.5  Go Ducks! minolta mc rokkor-x pf 50mm f2  Walnut silhouette minolta md 200mm f4  Magnolia blossom
vivitar 135mm f2.8  Yellow Dahlia minolta md 50mm f2 (1)  Pink Flag Lily minolta md 200mm f4 (1)  Our backyard buddy minolta md rokkor-x 28mm f2.8  Make A Wish - dandelion in seed
minolta md rokkor-x 35mm f2.8 (1)  Oregon White Oaks in winter snowstorm, Mt. Pisgah, OR minolta md rokkor-x 35mm f2.8  Icicle Creek, WA minolta md rokkor-x 50mm f1.4  Salmon roses, Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR minolta md w rokkor-x 24mm f2.8  Courtyard on the UO campus
minolta md zoom 50-135mm f3.5 (1)  Norway Maple watercolor konica hexanon ar 28mm f3.5 (1)  Oregon White Oaks in Snow, Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR minolta md zoom 75-150mm f4  Pink Rose, Gresham, OR nikkkor 105mm f2.5  Sweetgum coated in ice
minolta mc rokkor-hg 35mm f2.8  Fall color, Maury Jacobs Parke, Eugene, OR nikkor ai 24mm f2.8  California Poppies, Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR yashica ml 50mm f1.9  Lupine minolta md 200mm f4.0 (2)  Great Egret at Eugene wetlands
rmc tokina 17mm f3.5  Pink Dahlia nikkor ai 50mm f1.4  Country barn, Lane County, OR TOU 500mm f8 (1)  Ringed-neck Pheasant, Eugene, OR konica hexanon ar 28mm f3.5  Pin oak on UO campus in fall
minolta md zoom 50-135 f3.5   Diamond Peak, OR konica hexanon ar 28mm f3.5 (2)  Tiger Lily, Spencer Butte near Eugene, OR yashica ml 24mm f2.8 (1)  Pacific Dogwood, Western Cascades, OR re auto topcor 58mm f1.8  Under the Florence, OR bridge
rmc tokina 24mm f2.8 (1)  Sitka Spruce, Gwynn Creek, Or coast rmc tokina 24mm f2.8  Mountain Lake, Three Sisters Wilderness rmc tokina 35-105mm (1)  Lily tamron bbar mc 28-70mm  Oregon White Oak in fog
tamron bbar mc 80-210mm f3.8 (1)  Checking out the married couple tamron bbar mc 80-210mm f3.8  Pink Dahlia, Eugene, OR TOU 500mm f8  Bald Eagle, Eugene Wetlands vivitar 19mm f3.8 (1)  Cow Parsnip
minolta md rokkor-x 35mm f2.8 (3)  Narnia vivitar 19mm f3.8 (2)  Ponderosa Pine watercolor rmc tokina 35-105mm  Tulip watercolor vivitar 19mm f3.8  Alpenglow and Aspens
nikon series e 50mm f1.8  B & W rose vivitar rl 28-80mm  Oregon White Oak in winter sunset yashica ml 24mm f2.8  Sitka Spruce B & W, Oregon coast yashica yus 28mm f2.8  Trees through American flag
nikkor 105mm f2.5