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Cameras and Lenses

My photographic preference is to utilize vintage manual focus lenses paired with Sony digital cameras. Sony cameras allow the use of a variety of adapters, onto which almost any vintage lens can be mounted. A major caveat for many people is that these adapters are merely 'spacers' allowing lenses to be utilized without the camera and lens being able to communicate with each other. As a result, all photos must be composed using manual focus exclusively.

Vintage lenses have their appeal, despite the challenge that focusing manually can impose. For the most part, these lenses are solidly made and ones with high quality glass render crisp, clean images. They are a pleasure to handle and very inexpensive to purchase. I find that I am more intimately connected to the photographic experience using vintage glass and enjoy the process of exploring the unique character of each lens in my collection.

All of the shots in the photo gallery have been taken using vintage lenses and with manual focus. The camera and specific lens are included in each image name.

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